25 Fun Spring Bucket List Activities for Families

Spend quality time together as a family and make lasting memories this spring with these fun and creative activities. From scavenger hunts and nighttime bonfires, picnics, and nature walks, you'll find something for everyone in this Spring Bucket List. Some of my favorite spring activities are listed below: 

Go on a nature walk or outdoor scavenger hunt

Going on a nature walk or an outdoor scavenger hunt is a perfect way to take in the beauty of spring and create long-lasting memories with family. Get out and explore different parks, woods or trails in your area. I love to make it into a game by finding items on a pre-made list or use clues to find the next item they have to search for. You can find premade scavenger hunt lists along with a treasure bag from Eighteen Summers here. This scavenger hunt kit also includes a neighborhood hunt and an indoor hunt (you don't need woods to have fun!) 

Plant a garden

Planting a garden is another great way to spend quality time with family and appreciate the warmer weather of spring. It's also a great teaching opportunity! Get your kids involved in the planting process, from selecting vegetables or flowers to watering and caring for them. Give it a try this season! My biggest tip (learning from experience...) start small, and only purchase what you can plant in a day! 

Dye Easter eggs or paint rocks

Put a creative spin on the traditional Easter egg hunt by dying or painting rocks with unique designs. Whether you’re using marble paint pens or permanent markers, this fun craft is sure to be a family favorite. Plus, you can use the eggs for a colorful decorative display or hidden around your backyard for an extra-special Easter egg hunt!

Have a Spring picnic

On a warm spring day, nothing beats a picnic in the park (or your backyard) with your family! Pack a lunch, bring some sandwiches and (lots of) snacks, and head to your favorite park. Ask the kids to help pack or prepare some special snacks that you wouldn’t serve at home. Make it into an extra special event by bringing along bubbles or a frisbee too! 

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