You have Eighteen Summers With Your kids

The mission of Eighteen Summers is to inspire moms to find joy in the simple moments of motherhood.

The name Eighteen Summers represents the precious time we have with our children from when they are sweet little babies crawling around to the time they go off on their own.

We have Eighteen Summers of memory making, adventure, snuggles, and laughs.

There will be joyful moments of first steps, first days of school, and trips to the beach to wiggle your toes in the sand. And there will be chaotic moments of tantrums, tears and sibling arguments.

But these simple little moments that happen everyday are such treasures because they tell the story of your life as a mom. These are the memories that you’ll look back on later, and even though they felt small at the time, you’ll realize how very special they were. 

After we put our kids to bed at night and we scroll through old pictures of happy memories, chubby baby legs, and toddlers riding bikes, in that moment, time feels like the biggest thief.

But remember that motherhood is a journey. Don't look back with sadness. Celebrate what is in front of you. Celebrate the simple moments, and find the joy everyday.

While our kids continue to grow up, one thing stays the same. You are their mama, and THIS is your motherhood story.

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